Price Table

The top prices on this table are for half day (3 hours). You can see full day rate below in the price table.

Travel Fee

I am based in Osaka, Japan. If shooting is in Osaka, I won’t require transportation fee. Osaka’s neighbour cities include deep historical Kyoto city, Nara, and Kobe, which are within one-hour distance from the city. Travel fee to these areas are usually between $10 and $50.


I usually ask at least 50% deposit (partial advance payment) for first-time customers. This is because I have had some problems in past on payment from foreign clients. Please understand this otherwise I cannot accept any project.

In case of long travel

Sometimes I am required to go to remote area from Osaka and its surrounding area. It’s welcome to work in such area as long as it is in Japan.

If additional one days are needed for travel, I require additional one day work pay (but will be discounted).

Discount Rates

I offer discount rates for projects with consecutive working days (more than one day): 1.5 – 2 days; 10%, 2.5 – 3 days; 15%.

I also accept long term works where I take charge of your photographer in Japan. We can discuss about a special agreement in this case.

Package Price Table

These are sample rates I set for cross-category photo sessions. For example, hotel clients often require photos not only for spaces but food and people. The rates on top is full day rates. You can see half day below in the table.